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8 tips to make your flight with a toddler more comfortable 

A vacation with kids is on the cards for a lot of parents whose toddlers have been confined within their houses ever since the deadly Covid-19 outbreak happened. Traveling, in general, requires a lot of planning, more so in these uncertain times, and if you are planning on taking your toddlers along with you, it becomes an arduous task. There are a lot of safety aspects you need to consider and things you need to keep in mind before you step on to that flight with your toddler in tow. But not to worry, as we are here to allay all your concerns and help you travel with your toddlers as conveniently as possible so that you can book your airplane ticket with complete peace of mind. Below are some expert tips that you should keep in mind while having toddlers on board: 

Plan strategically and don’t book a lot in advance 

You should ideally be having a well-thought-out plan when traveling with toddlers. This involves doing the packing in advance to avoid any last minute hassles, choosing the right destination, hotel reservations, getting a prior Visa in case you are flying to a foreign location and making a checklist of things you need to pack for yourself and for your toddlers. Don’t book too much in advance either and look out for flights with enough vacant seats if traveling with toddlers. 

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Book the front row seats if you can grab them 

You might have to shell out a little extra, but front row seats are worth it if traveling with a toddler. In addition to extra legroom and safe distance from other passengers, you can also be the first one to de-board the plane in case you are occupying the front row seats. 

Carry stuff that will keep your toddlers engaged 

It’s always wise to carry items such as your toddlers’ favorite toys, teddy’s, board games or children’s headphones to keep them engaged during a long flight or to pacify them in case they feel uneasy or face any mood swings. Make sure you are aware of the toys your kids love playing with the most and carry them on the flight. 

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Pack your toddlers favorite food 

Kids can be hungry at odd hours and it can be great if they have something to munch on during a flight. Toddlers are also more vulnerable to food allergies than adults, and therefore, it is ideal to carry trusted or home-cooked food items instead of ordering them inflight or during a stopover. 

Carry essential medicines  

Kids are unpredictable and in case they fall sick or feel uneasy during a flight, some handy emergency medications like a nasal saline rinse can be of great help. Therefore, it is really necessary to carry a first aid kit and medicines for common issues like cough, fever, vomiting, etc. 

Bring along a baby carrier 

Keep your toddler close to your chest and ditch the heavy stroller. Using a baby carrier harnessed to your shoulders will also prevent contact with common surfaces. 

Wipe the common surfaces 

Unavoidable surfaces like airplane seats, food trays and baggage cabin handles should be cleaned with antibacterial wipes. This is an important safety precaution during times of the pandemic. 

Complete your documentation 

The last thing you want is to be stuck at the airport with your toddler. Therefore, it is really important to double-check the documents you might require at the time of departure and landing, especially if you are embarking on a foreign vacation. 

 So grab your cheap flights and airline tickets from : https://www.myflightsearch.com/quick-links/cheap-flights-tickets.aspx soon and make memories worth a lifetime with your cute little toddlers. It’s ok to expect some hindrances along the way, but all these obstacles are part of the exciting and unforgettable adventure ride with your toddler so embrace them happily.  

Top 10 Free Things to See and Do in Orlando

Orlando is one of the most family-friendly destinations and tops the bucket list of many vacation seekers. While many people identify Orlando with high-priced attractions such as Walt Disney World, there is plenty to do and see that won’t cost you a fortune. You can take a note of our compilation of the finest free things to do in Orlando, many of which are excellent options for rounding out your trip plan. 

Cornell Fine Arts Museum

This impressive Winter Park museum, located on the campus of Rollins College, houses an amazing collection of thousands of pieces of art. You’ll find artworks ranging from classical antiquity to modern art trends. The extraordinary Old European Masters collection, the only one of its kind in Orlando, will especially appeal to you. This lovely art museum is open all year and admission is free.

University of Central Florida Arboretum

This well-regarded arboretum should be on your must-see list if you enjoy visiting botanical gardens or admire the lush green outdoors. Over 600 different plant species may be found across the park’s 80 acres, which were designed to have eight separate ecosystems. You may walk through the many ecosystems exploring their diversity, or enjoy biking through the beautiful trails, or even play a round of disc golf.

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Celebration Town Center

Walt Disney World is less than 10 minutes away from Celebration Town Center, a master-planned neighborhood. The town’s core shopping, dining, and entertainment hub are ideal for relaxing and strolling and it also hosts free, family-friendly events throughout the year, such as exotic car exhibits and a special holiday celebration with artificial snow.

 Disney Springs

There are various free and enjoyable activities available at Disney Springs which are worth exploring. Visit the World of Disney store or take your kids to the LEGO Imagination Center for some great fun, where they can enjoy free LEGO building stations as well as a neighboring playground. In addition, Disney Springs hosts several events throughout the year, such as the Festival of the Masters.

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards is Florida’s premiumwinery, attracting over 160,000 people every year. It is located on breathtakingly beautiful and gently rolling land, providing visitors with stunning vineyard views. You may take advantage of free winery tours, tastings, and a variety of free festivals and events. Lakeridge offers free tours and tastings every 20 minutes. The tour event began with a short film about the winery’s history, followed by a stroll around the breathtaking view of the vines, and finish with a visit to the tasting room. It’s a complete package in itself that is worth exploring.

Disney’s Boardwalk

Disney’s Boardwalk is a must-visit site, especially when it comes to free things to do in Orlando. Take a stroll with your family, friends, or partner along the boardwalk, which is a recreation of an Atlantic seaside community from the 1930s. This quarter-mile venue, which runs alongside Crescent Lake, is known for its nightclubs and diverse entertainment alternatives. And enjoying street musicians and entertainers performing alongside the breathtaking views of Crescent Lake’s water is a sheer delight, as you would love to visit some water parks as well.

Enzian Theater

Enjoy a free movie with friends and family at the Enzian Theater during its Popcorn Flicks performance which occurs once a month during the summer. It’s an enjoyable experience to watch the film screened outside, under the open sky. The stars twinkling above and the warmth of the property’s centuries-old live oaks covering the area enhance the whole experience. You can also enjoy food and drinks from the kitchen and bar.

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

The Winter Park Farmer’s Market is the perfect place to go if you enjoy browsing through stalls of local products like the devotedly created handicrafts items, organic kinds of stuff, and fresh local fruits and bread, among others. Whether you like to buy something or not, but you may simply enjoy this joyful gathering spot for locals held at the historic train depot and take up the positive energy.

West Orange Trail

Explore West Orange Trail– an exciting 22-mile paved bike and hiking trail connecting Winter Garden, near Walt Disney World, with Apopka, in west Orlando. The trail has been converted from train tracks for the most part and runs through a beautiful landscape capturing lush green spaces and stunning lakeside areas, perfect for setting up a picnic. If you don’t have your bike, there are many bike rental shops along the route.

Lake Eola Park

This popular local attraction is a massive 80-foot sinkhole that has been converted into a lake. It’s the ideal activity for outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s conveniently located in downtown Orlando. One can enjoy jogging or riding a bike around the lake’s perimeter. Park is home to swans and other birds and feeding them is a satisfying indulgence. Enjoy picnicking amid the beautiful surrounding of the park packed with lovely flowers. With almost 40 acres to explore, it’s a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Orlando, If you planning to extend your vacation we believe that you would love to take a look for best national Parks in California!

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Tips to save on flights to Orlando

  • Avoid flying during peak seasons as compared to shoulder seasons, the plane tickets cost normally increases during peak seasons.
  • Book flight tickets early to avoid a last-minute price hike. 
  • To find cheap airline tickets, explore multiple online travel search engines.
  • Try to opt for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays to fly as the days of the week when –Airlines tickets are the cheapest.
  • Being flexible with your travel dates is essential if you want to avail the of cheap airline tickets.
  • Opt for odd flying times, like early morning or late nights to save more on plane tickets.

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